DigiTech/DOD/Johnson 旧商品


Artist Models

Brian May Model, Jimi Hendrix Model, Eric Claptom Model
BP8 Bass Preamp/FX Processor
BP50 MODELING Bass Processor

MODELING Bass Processor with Expression Pedal

BP200 MODELING Bass Processor

Multi-Modeling Bass Workstation

Control ONE Foot Controller for GSP2120 and more
Control X Foot Controller for Genesis3/J-STATION
Control 7 Simple MIDI Foot Controller
Control 8 MIDI Foot Controller with Expression Pedal
Dan Donegan Artist Pedal 
Genesis1 GeNetX Desktop Amp Modeling Processor
Genesis3 GeNetX Desktop Amp Modeling Processor
GNX1 GeNetX Modeling Processor
GNX2 GeNetX Modeling Processor
GNX3 Guitar Workstation
GNX4 Guitar Workstation
GNX3000 Guitar Workstation
GSP2120 Dual Tube Guitar Signal Processor
Harmmony Man Pitch Shifter
iStomp Downloadable Pedal
JamMan Delay Looper / Phrase Sampler
JamMan SOLO Looper / Phrase Sampler
JamMan Looper / Phrase Sampler
QUAD4 4-In/4-Out Multi Effects Processor
RP80 MODELING Guitar Processor with Expression Pedal
RP70 Modeling Multi Effect Processor
RP90 Modeling Multi Effect Processor
RP100 MODELING Guitar Processor
RP200 MODELING Guitar Processor
RP300 MODELING Guitar Processor
RP14D Guitar Signal Processor with Expression Pedal
RP2000 Modeling Guitar Effect System
RP21D Single Tube Guitar Signal Processor with FC
RP3 Preamp/Multi-Effects Processor & Controller
RP-7 Valve Single Tube Gitar Signal Processor with FC
RPx-400 MODELING Guitar Processor & USB Audio Interface
RP150 MODELING Guitar Processor
RP250 MODELING Guitar Processor
RP350 MODELING Guitar Processor
RP50 MODELING Guitar Processor
Scott Ian Artist Pedal
Studio 100 2 in / 2 out Multi Effects Processor
Studio 200 Dual Engine Multi-Effects Processor
Studio 400 4 in / 4 out Multi Effects Processor (Dual S-DISC)
Studio Voc. 5 Part Vocal Harmony Processor
Time Bender Delay
Talker Vocal/Instrument Synthesis
VL3D Vocal Harmony Processor Desktop
Vocalist Performer 2-Part Vocal Harmony Processor with Reberb
Vocalist VR Vocal Harmony Processor
Vocalist Workstation 5-Part Vocal Harmony Processor with Reverb
Vocal300 Vocal Effects Processor
Vx400 Vocal Effects Processor & USB Computer Interface
Vocalist Live 4 Multi-Smart Vocal Harmony For Guitarists
Vocalist Live 2 Multi-Smart Vocal Harmony For Guitarists
XP100 Whammy Pedal & Wah Pedal
XP200 Modulation Pedal
XP300 Space Effects Pedal with String Pad
XP400 Reverb Pedal
Whammy Whammy Pedal with MIDI
FX17, VCC1 Volume, Wah Pedal
GS30 Guitar Multi Effects with Expression Pedal
VOTEC Vocal FX Processor / MIC Preamp

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